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I confess, I have no style. 

Perhaps my monochromes tend to the gritty. Or the subdued. For now.
Perhaps my color-work tends to impact or fade. Depends.

But no. I have no style. I want no style. I make no series. I don't specialize in certain subjects. I see. You see? Every snap has its very own personality. 
However, there is something I dislike to creep into my shots: contrived. And I disdain povertyporn even in shots from others. But that's just my view. If anybody has the right, perhaps the obligation to be a voyeur its a photographer.... But lack of respect. To be obtuse by intent. You know.

I shoot for pleasure, not for a living. With mostly "small but tough gear". Travel sized. Street sized. I like tech, yet its all about the image. The image!
My main interest is for my pictures to be seen. Enjoyed. Reflected about. Inspiring, controversial memorable, discussed.... if I am very very lucky. Or you.

Would I do your shoot? Perhaps not. Perhaps yes. Inform me. Give me ideas, hints, background, whatever. Talk to me. Yet don't direct me, control me, restrict access, rush me when I do my stuff. I won't while you do yours.  If you have something anywhere with a story to tell, even if only good for one single shot. Contact me. We figure something out. And if it is a nogo at least we talked. That's good too. And I will appreciate that you considered me of all people :) . I know there are many photographers out there... but hell, every second everywhere there are infinitely more great stories just waiting to be told in a picture.

Yours. Perhaps.

PS: Many of my pictures here are available as originals and prints from saatch. I sell only one single original. I keep one artist print and one exhibition print which are both not for sale. Prints are shipped directly by Saatchi within about 1 week of ordering. All credit cards are accepted. Originals are charged through Saatchi but shipped by me. Originals come with a certificate of origin at the back of the picture and as a separate document, both signed and dated by me. Allow for about 4 - 6 weeks for shipping originals since I do control the printing process myself and I am on the road much. For photos that are not available through Saatchi or other uses, please contact me if you are interested in them.